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Debbie Williams is a Hair Loss Practitioner, Board-Certified Nutritionist, Educator, Health & Wellness Coach, and Author. She is the southeast’s leading authority on hair loss and scalp disorders. Her passion for all things hair and scalp has kept her as a leader in her field for over 25 years. After losing her older sister who struggled with hair loss due to Lupus, Debbie became an advocate for helping women and men who are struggling with hair loss that is caused by health issues and debilitating diseases. 


In 2015, Debbie formulated Pure 7 Cosmeceuticals Hair Care. Her hair care line offers the most excellent quality natural solutions for the treatment of scalp disorders and hair loss. The products have been clinically proven to treat and control dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, hair loss, eczema, and other scalp related disorders.


Motivated by her passion for hair and scalp disorders, Debbie has expanded her expertise to nutrition and wellness for the whole body. She provides education and clinical services to help women and men who struggle with hair loss, hair thinning, psoriasis, itchy scalp, severe dandruff and more. 


Debbie has been recognized and seen on Fox News,, The Zoe Report, Sister Circle and many health-related blogs.


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Mineral Deficiencies and Your Scalp

September 25, 2021, 07:00 PM
Debbie Williams