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Aevin Dugas, a native of Napoleonville, LA has been holding the Guinness World Record for the title of the World’s Largest afro for 8 years and recently regained her title in 2021. Measuring an astounding 5ft 5in, Aevin has always cherished haircare and embracing who you are naturally. As the owner of Chemhairstry, a natural haircare & haircare accessory line, Aevin has traveled throughout the globe inspiring women, men & children to not be ashamed of their hair, but to embrace their God given textures while exhibiting new & innovative methods of hair maintenance, self-love and stylish approaches. 
After years of receiving chemical relaxers as a child resulting in damage, as a teenager, Aevin took haircare into her own hands. While still getting chemical relaxers, Aevin began taking care of her hair through personalized treatments, maintenance and understanding how healthy hair is a part of your regimen regardless of naturally or chemically treated. After trying different hairstyles and ready for a change, Aevin began her journey to transitioning her hair from chemicals to natural. Through different hairstyles and techniques, Aevin has been a pioneer for 20+ years establishing herself as a natural hair trendsetter and businesswoman who has cemented herself as a staple in the haircare community. 

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From Relaxed to World's Largest Afro

September 25, 2021, 04:00 PM
Aevin Dugas