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Just some of what we discussed during the Healthy Hair Summit

Learn how to work with different textures of your hair. 

Understand how to choose the best products for your hair texture.

Discuss the importance of the CROWN Act.

How stress can affect your body and lead to hair loss.

Tips to become self-aware for self-care that you can do in 5 minutes or less,

Strategies to eat healthier for healthier hair.

Find out what you're doing that's causing your hair to be dry.

The history of natural hair and where we are today.

With so much information out there, some of it can be confusing and conflicting. We have gathered experts with years of experience to help you to break through the misinformation and get the facts. If you want to understand your hair, know how to take care of it and how to grow your hair healthy and strong, then you want to register to this Healthy Hair Summit.

The Healthy Hair Summit will be focused around culture, health and haircare. We believe in understanding the foundations of our hair and body in order to make informed decisions.